Partner organizations are a key element of the Christmas Store. Prior to the Christmas Store, especially in late November and early December, partner organizations are asking their patrons, customers and members to donate new toys to the store, for children from birth to age 14. The suggested price range for donated toys is $10-15. Toys begin arriving at the store around Thanksgiving and continue to be delivered through the week prior to the store.

The Christmas Store uses tree tags to prompt individuals to purchase a toy for a child of the age and gender listed on the tag. Many of the Christmas Store’s partner organizations put up a tree at their location to display tree tags for pickup by individuals and to serve as a drop-off location for toys.

Each year’s store differs in the number of children registered. A typical number of registrations would total approximately 1200 children. Since each child can receive 3 toys, the Christmas Store would have to stock in excess of 3600 toys in order to meet that quota, and that is without the opportunity for choice among more than one item.

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